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Founder and CEO

Health Rosetta Certified

After 22 years in the healthcare arena, John has seen it all. Including a broken neck with a $275,000 medical bill (he was able to get reduced to $62.4K for the employer) and a 10X upcharge for the anti-venom on a backyard snake bite (fought and won with a refund of $32,860). His frustration with a system that didn’t deliver benefits that actually benefited anyone (since when is a $5000 Max Out of Pocket a “benefit”?) was what drove the creation of K2 Advisors Group.

The burden of healthcare costs is crippling working Americans. John is working to change that… one company at a time.


When not fighting the good fight, you'll find John playing sports with his kids, cooking with his talented wife or scaling mountains around the world. After summiting Kilimanjaro twice, once with his son and daughter to raise funds and awareness for a medical clinic in remote Kenya, John is currently planning to summit Denali. 

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Founder & Partner

As a founding Partner, Jim wanted to create something that actually made healthcare better for people. He loves rolling up his sleeves and jumping into a client's case to discover what is broken so it can be repaired.

Jim is at heart a man of faith and family.


Born and raised in Columbia, SC and an Upstater since 2009, he is the father of seven amazing children and the husband of an incredible wife he adores. (Jim is also a pet dad to two adorable pups that get to visit the office with him.)

Jim's favorite quote comes from his father: "That's no mountain for a climber."  

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Certified Self-Funding Specialist

Michael has brought his passion for teaching and health to the K2 team, allowing us to help clients through the lens of lifelong wellness. A former coach, fitness specialist, and teacher, Michael loves that he can impact two of the most important things in a person's life: their health and their money.

Originally from New Jersey, Michael now calls the Upstate home along with his incredible wife and two daughters. They cheer him on as he battles the status quo of our healthcare system, always searching for better ways to help others live the life they deserve. 

Michael's view on life is encapsulated by his favorite quote from Jim Rohn: "Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better."

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Chief Operating Officer

Health Rosetta Certified

Recognized as an expert in health care insurance best practices and a Certified Health Rosetta advisor, Josh weaves his background in the non-profit and teaching world to help our clients improve their financial health and employee care. 

After settling in the Upstate as a child, Josh now lives in Woodruff, SC with his high-school sweetheart wife and two children. There, he is building them a home for memories on their 30+ acre land.

Josh's personal experience with the financial impact of our healthcare system fuels his drive to help others find better solutions for their health and wealth.